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Video: Go behind the scenes of a First Presidency meeting

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President Henry B. Eyring, left, and President Dallin H. Oaks, right, discuss the council system of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
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It’s a view not often seen up close—the First Presidency sitting down to council together. But in a Church News video, Latter-day Saints get a glimpse of what it looks like when President Russell M. Nelson, President Dallin H. Oaks, and President Henry B. Eyring discuss matters together and seek revelation as a council.

In the video, which is part of the “Inside Church Headquarters” series by Church News, President Eyring spoke of how he and President Oaks may approach issues differently and come to agree on matters.

“We always come together, by the way, with different backgrounds, which is really interesting,” he said. “And when we look at an issue, I know he’s been a judge and a great lawyer, and he’ll see some things that I can’t see. And it’s interesting, he will often say [after a meeting], “Well, we came at it differently, and we came out together at the end.”

President Oaks similarly said that President Eyring “sees problems and relevant facts that I didn’t even know existed. And when we get through, we listen to the Lord’s will through the one who presides in the council.”

As an addition to the “Inside Church Headquarters” series, Church News recently published a transcript of the interview with President Oaks and President Eyring, part of which is included in the video.

“My ideal of a council is to say, ‘Let’s do whatever it takes to find out what the Lord wants,’” President Eyring said. “And I think He has opinions about everything. And I think what we’re trying to do is find out what He’d like done. The ideal would be that He’s directing every council. … If this is a matter of substance, this is His council, and let’s find out what His view is.”

Read the rest of the transcript on Church News.

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