Watch: Hilarious doorbell footage shows Amazon worker posing as a Latter-day Saint missionary

In a hysterical new video, TikTok user @stephanielerin shared video doorbell footage of an Amazon delivery worker delivering packages to her home and unwittingly taking part in her scheme to keep the package away from her husband’s attention.

The video begins by showing a welcome mat on Stephanie’s doorstep printed with the words “Hide packages from husband.” A caption reads, “He understood the assignment.”

The video then cuts to footage from the doorbell camera. As seen in the footage, before the driver put the packages down, he noticed the doormat and proceeded to hide the envelopes behind a tall snake plant by the front door. But just as he was about to walk away, Stephanie’s husband Bob opened the door and asked if the driver had a package for them.

Caught in the act and wearing his Amazon vest, what the driver did next was very obviously not the reason he was at their door, but hilarious nonetheless.

Watch the full video below.

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