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Watch: 30-Second Video from Sister Sharon Eubank Shares Important Advice for Returned Missionaries


Have you ever wished you knew what advice to give to a newly returned missionary? Some bit of wisdom that would make their transition from mission to home life just a little easier?

A new videos series by Sister Sharon Eubank, the first counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency, helps with just that.

"I was at my dentist’s office when I met Olivia working the front desk," Sister Eubank shares on Facebook. "She served a mission in Finland. So did I! We talked about how hard the transition is when you come home from a mission. I asked her: How did you make it? Do you have any advice? I filmed her on my phone for 30 seconds. This conversation with Olivia started something with me. Ever since then, wherever I go, I have been filming 30-second tips on how to make that sometimes-difficult transition work."

Interviewing returned missionaries who have been home for 3 weeks to 30 years, Sister Eubank says the series is about "how to keep the discipline, spirit, and faith of a mission after you come home."

Beginning with Olivia, the first video in the series, returned missionaries share the answers to the questions: What worked for you once you came home? What do you wish you knew then that you know now?

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