Watch: 5-Minute Fireside on why you should stop worrying about being ‘perfect’ enough for God


If you’ve ever wondered whether you have what it takes to make it to the celestial kingdom—if you’ve felt heartsick when reading the Savior’s commission to “be ye therefore perfect,” then Robert L. Millet has a message for you.

In his recent 5-Minute Fireside, Millet takes a closer look at what the scriptures mean when they talk about becoming perfect: “To be perfect in the gospel sense is to be complete, fully developed, spiritually mature. That doesn’t mean that we have reached the point in this life when we no longer need to repent and improve.”

“To be perfect is to be whole; to be together; to be a person of integrity; to be a woman or a man who is dependable, one who people and God can trust,” Millet says in the video. “Here’s the main point I want to make: while you and I and those we love cannot live flawless lives, we can be whole in Christ.”

Millet, a professor of ancient scripture at BYU and author of Whole in Christ, says that his study of the gospel, he’s found a few things we can do to become more whole:

  • “A vital first step in becoming spiritually whole is deciding that we sincerely want to do things the Lord’s way. Let me put that another way: We need to place Christ at the center of our lives.”
  • “We draw nearer to becoming a whole or perfect person by striving to keep God’s Holy Spirit with us at all times.”
  • “Of all the qualities we might list to describe a Christlike person, none is more important than love. One of the ways we can know that we are moving toward perfection or wholeness is that we are becoming more people-conscious.”

Learn more about how to worry less about being perfect and instead strive more to become whole in Christ by watching the full video below.

Whole in Christ

One of the most significant teachings within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is that mortals are capable of becoming holy and, in time, like our beloved Savior. Whole in Christ, from renowned author and gospel scholar Robert L. Millet, encourages readers to encounter Jesus Christ daily, to hear Him, and to remain close to Him, always.

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