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Watch: "Beauty for Ashes" Shares the Inspiring Story of the Saints in Paradise, CA


How do families who have lost virtually everything in an instant—homes, jobs, loved ones—rebuild their lives and find peace again? 

"We know that in order to feel better, that if we serve others, we're going to feel more peace for ourselves," says one woman from Paradise, California—which was decimated by fire in November—in a new Church News video. But many Saints in Paradise have gained new understanding in the scriptural phrase "beauty for ashes," noting how out of ash and suffering hope and all that is inspiring in humanity has manifest itself.

"The people who lost the most gave the most. They are still giving," President Nelson says in the video. "People are really living as Christ would live. It's one of the most amazing stories of ministering in a higher and holier way that I have ever seen."

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Beauty for Ashes

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