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Watch: What Bill Marriott had to say about family and career as he steps down as Marriott International CEO

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After an incredible 66-year-long career, Latter-day Saint and CEO of Marriott International Bill Marriott is stepping down as executive chairman and passing the baton to his son, David Marriott.

In a heartfelt post on LinkedIn, Bill Marriott shared gratitude for his career and the support he’s been given and his confidence in the new leadership of his son. The post also included a video conversation between Bill and David. In the video, David asks, “What advice do you have for me, Dad?”

“Be humble,” Bill replies. “Leave your ego at the door. Give the credit to those who you’re working with, and don’t try and take the credit for yourself.”

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Bill also shares that when he succeeded his own father, J. Willard Marriott, as company chairman in 1985, his father gave him a letter emphasizing the importance of good character, living the right kind of life, and being family oriented. And he encouraged his son to take on those same priorities.

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David also asks his father how he balanced a full and busy career with church and family responsibilities.

“Saturday was family day, and Sunday was church day. So I had five days a week of hard work, and some of it I took home, I have to admit, [but] at the same time I tried to do the best I could.”

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You can watch the full video interview and read Bill Marriott’s statement of gratitude below.

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