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Watch: Catchy new Truman Brothers song celebrates God’s love + our divine worth

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For the Truman Brothers, music and the gospel are in their DNA. Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, they’re the sons of Dan Truman, keyboardist and pianist for Diamond Rio and the Nashville Tribute Band. Their pedigree would suggest an automatic attraction to the family business; but it wasn't until college that their musical roots began to take hold. They began writing songs together for the first time, and despite their Nashville upbringing, they found a musical home in the catchy choruses and undeniable melodies of modern pop music.

Their newest music video, “Oh Child,” is a celebration of faith and showcases their talent for capturing those catchy beats and melodies. The video’s visuals depict the creation of a song from songwriting at home to the studio recording process, but the lyrics and celebratory tune are what truly stand out.

Lines like “He knew thee long before you were in the womb / And He felt you in the garden under the full moon / But still you wonder how it ever could have been for you” don’t seem like they belong in an upbeat pop song, but the song’s Gospel choir vibes and a chorus of “What if I told you in your ten thousand days / He’s heard every word you’ve ever prayed / And all things will work for thy good / Can’t forget He’s stood where you’ve stood” are a resounding reminder of God’s omniscience and infinite love for us.

You can watch the full music video in the player below.

Quiet Revolution

The Truman Brothers create Spirit-filled music for today—for every day. With its energetic, pop-driven anthems, their new EP Quiet Revolution is a rallying reminder that there is marvelous work to do and that with Christ as our compass, we can find strength in weakness, peace in the storm, and clarity in the noise—that through Him, we can find our way back home.

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