Watch: Children's Choir Sings Stunning New Primary Song, "I Will Be What I Believe"


When Blake Gillette served as the Primary pianist in his ward, his wife Kaicie served as the Primary chorister. They served together for several years and started wishing for new music to teach the Primary children. Kaicie suggested that her husband compose a Primary song since he had written a few songs in high school and on his mission. He decided to accept the challenge and wrote the song "I Will Be What I Believe." Of the experience, he wrote:

"Throughout this whole process, I have come to love writing Primary songs. They teach important gospel principles in simple terms and are the backbone to many testimonies. I often think about how I was touched by both the music and the words of many Primary songs growing up. In times of difficulty and trial, the words of Primary songs still come to my mind and answer my heart’s deepest questions. Their messages provide solace to the soul. Moreover, I also love watching a child’s face as they learn a new song, internalize the words, and then sing this new piece of their testimony with commitment and strength."

Last month, he uploaded a music video of the song performed by children from the One Voice Children's Choir and the Mapleton Stake Primaries.

Check out "I Will Be What I Believe" below:

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I Will Be What I Believe - Blake Gillette

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