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Watch: Church Videos Explain Baptism for the Dead, Temple Weddings + More in 2 Minutes


Shortly after releasing videos explaining the temple endowment and garments, the Church released more videos explaining aspects of the temple, including baptisms for the dead, temple weddings, and why those from other religions cannot enter dedicated temples of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The videos, released by, explain these topics in less than two minutes and illustrate why these topics are important to Latter-day Saints. 

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"In the temple, husband and wife are united forever. . . . They are promised that their marriage and their family will endure into the next life," the video "What Is a Temple Wedding Like?" explains. 

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What Is a Temple Wedding Like?

The video "What Are Baptisms for the Dead" connects Jesus Christ's teachings on baptism to the current temple practice of baptisms for deceased ancestors.

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What Are Baptisms for the Dead?

The video "Can I Go Inside a Latter-day Saint Temple?" explains why during a temple open house, anyone can come inside a temple, but once a temple is dedicated, only members may go inside. 

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Can I Go Inside a Latter-day Saint Temple?

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