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Watch: Family of 10 Creates Soul-Stirring Music Video "Child of God" for "Jane and Emma" Movie


"I'd like to believe that this is right. That I'm where you want me to be. That this is your Church and I am your child," Jane Manning James prays in the Jane and Emma movie. "There's too much pain, Lord. There's too much suffering."

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This beginning clip, a 39-second glimpse into the upcoming movie about Jane Elizabeth Manning James and Emma Smith, is also the beginning of the music video "Child of God."

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This soul-stirring music video, performed by Latter-day Saint artists the Bonner family shares a divine message: we are all children of God no matter where we are from, what we look like, or who we are. 

"'Child of God' by the Bonner Family powerfully illustrates the soul of the Jane and Emma movie—unity, love, friendship, and that we are ALL children of God," the video post shares.

Watch this incredible music video below:

Lead image screenshot from the video above

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