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Watch: How Facts About the Translation of the Book of Mormon Are Evidence of Its Truthfulness


Book of Mormon Central has released a new video affirming the truth of the Book of Mormon and the historical facts surrounding its translation. The video presents two distinct pieces of evidence for the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon; how Joseph Smith translated it and how quickly he translated it.

While some people are skeptical because of the history of the translation of the Book of Mormon, there is also testimony strengthening aspects about that history.

“Eyewitnesses described how Joseph would place the seer stone in a hat and press his face into the brim of the hat to shield out external light. He would then read off words to his scribe as they appeared in the stone,” the video states. Book of Mormon Central points out this would have made it impossible for Joseph Smith to read or copy anything while looking in the hat.

The video also points out how quickly the Book of Mormon was translated as another evidence of its truthfulness.

“What’s so remarkable about this part of the translation of the Book of Mormon is the breakneck pace of the work,” the videa says. Book of Mormon Central concludes Joseph Smith translated an average of seven to eight pages of the Book of Mormon per day.

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