Watch: How This Race Car Driver Changed His Son's Life with a Pinewood Derby Car


Jonathan Cavender's father was a race car driver, but he decided to stop racing after his children were born due to the dangerous nature of races. Although he stopped racing professionally, his love for racing never diminished.  Jonathan's father shared this love with his children by helping them prepare cars for pinewood derby races. However, Jonathan and his brother always knew that family was their father's highest priority.

"There was never any doubt to us that we meant more to him than racing did. I believe my first idea of what Heavenly Father was like came from my father. I can't think of any better gift to give to my kids . . . for them to see past my imperfections, my weaknesses, and see in some small part of me a reflection of who their Heavenly Father is, the way my father gave that gift to me."

Watch this inspiring Father's Day video below:

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