Watch: LDS Sisters' Beautiful Mashup of the Hymn "Amazing Grace" and James Bay's "Let it Go"


Two sisters from the LDS group Eleyni recently released a gorgeous music video featuring a unique medley of the hymn "Amazing Grace" and James Bay's popular song "Let It Go." Eleyni, which means "ray of sunlight" in Greek, is a musical group of three LDS singer-songwriter sisters—Seli, Desi, and Ari.

This mashup combines the theme of challenges in relationships and in life with the concept of hope through Christ. We can truly find hope in Christ through life's challenges, for "His word [our] hope secures."

Watch Eleyni's newest music video below:

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LET IT GO / AMAZING GRACE my chains are gone (James Bay / Chris Tomlin) - ELENYI cover mashup

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