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Watch: Lindsey Stirling Surprises Sweetest Boy with Rare Disease, Plays with Him on Stage


Several LDS celebrities came together on March 7 to raise money and awareness for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, a nonprofit the Osmond family helped found in 1983.

With Steve Young hosting the event, children who battle unbelievable odds and celebrities came together to raise awareness for children currently struggling to survive in hospitals across the nation.

One of these children was Nate, a young boy with mitochondrial disease and a hilarious sense of humor. "If you remember way back when to your ninth grade biology class," Nate says—even though he is only in fourth grade—"then you will remember that mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cells." Since his mitochondria do not function properly, he experiences problems with his lungs, stomach, immune system, and more. But Nate still maintains his optimistic, out-going attitude.

In fact, Nate even performs the violin—wearing his epic superhero cape—as a way to raise funds for other children in the hospital.

During the event, Nate entertained guests with his comedy and his violin skills, and Lindsey Stirling appeared on stage during his performance to surprise Nate.

The segment begins at 27 minutes in the video below:

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