Watch: Missionaries Help Spread the Gospel with Epic Carlton Dance Video


Thanks to LDS Daily for making us aware of this video.

When picturing missionaries with their name tags and Sunday dress spreading the gospel, you probably picture them knocking on doors or riding their bikes around town. 

Chances are, you probably would never have pictured missionaries spreading the gospel with a viral video of the Carlton dance. But Elder Hunter Olsen and Elder Jet Boardman did just that. 

With the help of fellow Latter-day Saint Caleb Allred, who was featured in theepic, literally groundbreaking Carlton dance video with BYU's Cosmo the Cougar in 2017, these elders created a video that has since garnered nearly 1 million views, which is incredible considering that neither had much experience with dance. 

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"It was cool to see God bless our efforts because neither I nor my companion can dance,” Elder Olsen said, according to an LDS Standing United Facebook post.

For Elder Olsen, the purpose of this video was, "To help others realize that missionaries are more like them than they might think, that we are just ordinary people.” 

Check out the video below:

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