Watch Missionaries Rescue a Kitten from a Storm Drain


Elders Benjamin Allen and Darren Lacusta were out tracting on their bikes in Houston, Texas, when they heard a sound that made them stop: a frightened kitten crying out. The missionaries began searching for the source of the noise, noticing the sound was coming from a nearby storm drain. The two lifted off a manhole cover and one crawled into the hole to help rescue the kitten.

Later, the Elders found a home for the kitten (which was named Stormy) with a local member. After taking the kitten to the vet, the member discovered the animal's back leg had been broken and might have to be amputated. 

However, Elder Allen's father offered to pay for the kitten to be taken to a specialist and for a surgery that inserted pins into Stormy's leg to help heal the break, according to Deseret News. 

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