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Watch: New Church Video Shows Impact of the Light the World Vending Machines, Goats and All


"Thank you to each one of you who made one of these donations,” Sister Jean B. Bingham said a recent Church video about the Light the World vending machines. “You have made a big difference. The results were more than we ever imagined — you are being a light to the world. The difference that you make is tremendous to every one of these recipients."

In an effort to thank all who participated in the Church’s 2017 Light the World campaign, the Relief Society general presidency — Sister Jean B. Bingham, Sister Sharon Eubank and Sister Reyna I. Aburto — have released a video sharing what was accomplished with donations.

“You are truly a light to the world,” Sister Bingham wrote in a Facebook post accompanying the video created by LDS Charities. “Last Christmas we showed you a vending machine the Church put in Salt Lake City where you could buy a gift for someone else in need. From goats to eyeglasses, your donations had a tremendous impact on thousands of people. We created this short video to give you an update on how others have been blessed by your goodness. Thank you for inspiring us with your generosity.”

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