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Watch: New Zealand Stake President and Wife Share Message of Hope After Mosque Shootings


After the devastating shootings at mosques in New Zealand, it can be easy to focus on the darkness in the world. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the negativity and hate that permeates every country and corner of the earth. 

But in a recent video shared by the Church, President Francis Fitzpatrick of the Tauranga New Zealand Stake and his wife, Megan Fitzpatrick, are reaching out to help "replace the darkness with light" in the world. 

In the video, the two encourage Latter-day Saints and members of other faiths throughout the world to actively fight against negativity and darkness through service and love. 

"We hope that each of you are using your heartfelt prayers to pray for help those who have been affected by this tragedy," President Fitzpatrick said. "And find ways in which, within your families or as individuals, that you can do something to give light to this dark day in our history."

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