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Watch: North Visitors’ Center is no more. Check out this video of the demolition in progress

As part of the Church’s four year Salt Lake Temple renovation project, the North Visitors’ Center has now been demolished.

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Demolition on the North Visitors’ Center on Temple Square

The beloved 11-foot replica of Bertel Thorvaldsen’s ‘Christus’ that was housed in the North Visitors’ Center was removed this summer for preservation. It will be reinstalled on Temple Square before the entire renovation project concludes in 2023.

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In the photo below, taken from an office window in the Church Office Building, you can see the North Visitors’ Center demolition in progress. You can also see foundation and excavation work for the center's three new underground floors, which will be used as an addition to the temple to the north of the current structure.

Photo courtesy of Facebook user Kelly Ford

In June, Andy Kirby, director of historic temple renovations for the Church, told Newsroom, “This area will become a peaceful, quiet space on Temple Square. The plans for this area will also provide a more direct and clear view of the Salt Lake Temple from the northwest area of Temple Square, enhancing the prominence of the temple.”

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