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Watch: Primary Children Sing About Baptism in Front of the Temple in Heartwarming Video


"I wanted to do something special for my 8-year-old who was recently baptized," LDS artist, arranger, and pianist Monica Scott writes about her new music video. That's why she decided to create a special arrangement of two popular Primary songs "Baptism" and "When I Am Baptized."

The gorgeous arrangement, performed by Primary children outside the Gilbert Arizona Temple, features Kristi Geddes Jenkins on the violin and Monica Scott's own daughter singing.

"I am really proud of her for singing a solo in this recording," Scott says. "She has some unique challenges with language which makes articulating and memorizing words very difficult. While not all of the words in the verse that she sings are correct, I wouldn’t choose to have it any other way because it captures her sweet little voice just as it is right now."

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