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Watch: RM Creates First "I'm a Child of God" Music Video in Mayan


"I pray that one day every child of God will be taught the gospel in their native tongue. Hopefully, this video can help to fulfill that," returned missionary Allie Gardner shared on Facebook about the first-ever music video of "I'm a Child of God" sung in the Mayan language. 

Gardner, who served her mission in the Yucatan and Quintana Roo, Mexico, says she grew to love the people she served and hopes this music video, also sung in Spanish and English, "reflects just a fraction of my feelings" of those she served. 

With more than 121,000 views, this video has already reached many with a powerful message that we are all God's children and we can feel His love no matter what.  

"If you've ever doubted the love that God has for you, kneel down and pray. Ask him specifically 1) if you are his child, 2) if he knows you 3) if he loves you 4) if he has a plan for your life. You will feel the quiet assurance that he IS there. You ARE his child. He DOES know and love you," Gardner adds. 

Lead image from Facebook

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