Watch: Sisters Nelson and Cook Sing Fun Duet, Talk Traveling with the Prophet


Did you know Sister Mary Cook finds a way to sing in most of her addresses to Latter-day Saints around the world? In a recent Church News video, Sister Cook and Sister Wendy Nelson sang an impromptu duet from the classic movie White Christmas as they talked about the joys of traveling together and with the prophet of God.

“It’s not about sightseeing," Sister Nelson says of the most recent ministry tour to Latin America. "It is about saint-seeing.”

Along with sharing her love of music, Sister Cook shared her love of sharing the light of Christ with Latter-day Saints around the world. “There’s nothing sweeter,” she said. “And you feel safe that you’re doing what the Lord wants you to do and you’re helping to prepare for His Second Coming.”

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Saint Seeing | Sister Wendy Nelson and Sister Mary Cook

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