Watch: The Bonner Family’s new, original song inspired by Disney and Pixar’s ‘Soul’ lives up to its name


The Bonner Family released a new music video on February 26. Their original song “You’ve Got Soul,” lives up to its name—between the rhythm, tempo, bass, and a feel-good vibe, it has plenty of soul to get you grooving.

Inspired by Disney and Pixar’s animated movie Soul to create the song, the Bonners added a taste of the movie in their music video release. Viewers will instantly recognize Conlon Bonner dressed like Soul’s middle school music teacher, Joe Gardner—complete with sweater, briefcase, and gray fedora hat—followed by a clip of the same scene in the movie.

“This movie has been a hit amongst the Bonners! So much so that we wrote and recorded an original song and video to go along with the movie! We hope you enjoy ‘You've Got Soul’!” they wrote in the YouTube description for the video.

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Other nods to Soul include a barbershop and scenes filmed on the busy street. Even the lyrics have reminders of the movie—in the original story, Joe Gardner’s companion, named “22,” finds her spark in everyday moments in life. Similarly, the Bonners sing about the importance of a little bit of love and laughter in life.

“Before there were fireworks, there was a spark. / Fill your heart with peace and joy before you start,” the Bonners sing.

Brief clips from the movie include the moment when Gardner falls into a hole in the street, the “Great Beyond,” and band leader Dorothea Williams playing the saxophone. Last week, The Bonners announced their music video on Instagram to give followers a taste of what they could expect.

Watch the video below.

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You’ve Got Soul - Original Song by The Bonner Family

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