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Watch: The Moment Sister Wendy Nelson Gained a Witness of Her Husband's Calling


"I am a witness by being present, and I am a witness by being absent, that the Lord indeed instructs His prophet," Sister Wendy Nelson begins in the Church video "My Witness: Sister Wendy Watson Nelson."

And her first witness that her husband was a prophet came in a very special way. 

Sister Nelson says in the video that the night she and President Nelson received the phone call that President Monson had passed away, they were stunned. 

"We cried, then made some phone calls . . . I remember just staring out into the dark and into our future, and having the hymn, 'Where Can I Turn to Peace' come to my mind," Sister Nelson shares.

But as the time came for the mantle of prophet to pass from President Monson to President Nelson, something happened that gave Sister Nelson the assurance that her husband was the Lord's prophet. 

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