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Watch: The sweetness of fruit mirrors the sweetness of the Atonement

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In a newly-released Church video, scenes from the Book of Mormon Videos, general conference clips, and personal stories from Latter-day Saints are woven together to create a beautiful message about the power of the Atonement and its ability to fulfill our spiritual needs.

The video begins with Elder Andersen recounting Lehi’s dream from the Book of Mormon in his October 2019 general conference talk entitled “Fruit.” He says, “This precious fruit symbolized the wonderful blessings of the Savior’s incomparable Atonement. Not only will we live again following our mortality, but through our faith in Jesus Christ, our repentance, and keeping the commandments, we can be forgiven of our sins and one day stand clean and pure before our Father and His son.”

In the video, one man compares his experience with feeling the Spirit again to thirsting or hungering and finally quenching that need after having gone without for so long.

One woman also shares her experience with having doubts and others around her questioning the Church and the love of Christ.

[In the scriptures], it [says] many of His disciples left. And [Christ] turned to His Twelve and He said, “Will thou also go away?” When I heard that in my mind it . . . hit me so hard, like He was saying it to me, “Will you also go away?” And then Peter’s answer when he said, “Lord, to who shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life.” And that was my answer.

From his 2019 address and as quoted in the new video, Elder Andersen says, “As we have all learned, even after savoring the precious fruit of the restored gospel, staying true and faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ is still not easily done. We continue to face distractions and deceptions, confusion and commotion, enticements and temptations, that attempt to pull our hearts away from the Savior and the joys and beauties we have experience in following Him.”

You can watch the full video below:

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