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Watch: The unexpected moment when 2 viral YouTubers discuss ‘brightness’ in the eyes of Latter-day Saints

YouTuber Roman Atwood discusses the joy he's found in the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Editor’s Note: While the short video clip in this story does not contain profanity, the full podcast interview is rated explicit, and listener discretion is advised.

Collectively, Logan Paul and Roman Atwood have 39 million followers on YouTube. Far from a religious podcast, content on Logan Paul’s podcast is typically labeled as “explicit,” but on a recent episode, Paul spoke with Atwood about Atwood's recent conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Atwood, who is best-known for his videos which often include elaborate pranks, explained that after his mother, a convert to the Church, passed away from a tragic scooter accident three years ago, he and his wife began attending Sunday meetings with no intention of joining the Church. They simply wanted to be a part of what his mother was a part of.

“Something in my head was like, ‘This is what she wants from me,’” Atwood explained.

But as they attended church, Atwood explained that he found “so much hope and joy.”

“My mom’s passing was easier, my life became easier. I had more joy than I ever found skydiving in Dubai, or [through having] a successful YouTube channel, or all the money that I could ever want in a bank account. I had more joy following Jesus than I had with all of the world combined, and I couldn’t deny it anymore. I couldn’t deny it to the point where we started having missionaries over, and it felt so good to us that we joined, and we both were baptized together on the same day.”

Paul, a YouTube star turned WWE wrestler, then comments that Atwood’s countenance is consistent with other members of the Church he has encountered.

“The way you light up, and the way you describe your relationship with the people you love, and especially your wife, is so rich. And I often get that vibe from Mormons,” Paul said, later adding, “There's like a brightness in your eyes.”

Watch the clip here.

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