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Watch: This 96-year-old just received his patriarchal blessing—‘It was really an eye opener’

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“I’m 96 years old—I’m too old!”

That was Rex’s retort when loved ones recently suggested he receive his patriarchal blessing. “That’s just for young people!” he added.

In a short video posted to social media this week, President Bonnie H. Cordon of the Young Women General Presidency shared the story of Rex’s belated blessing.

“I just can’t remember why I didn’t get my patriarchal blessing when I was young,” Rex says in the video. “When I turned 16, World War II started, and all the thoughts and everything were about the war.”

As years passed, Rex says his wife and kids’ encouragement finally prevailed on him, along with some wise words from a son-in-law: “It’s not just for you—it’s for you and your posterity.” So he made an appointment and received the blessing.

“When I got it and I read it, it was really an eye-opener. And I understand now why I should have had it younger,” he says.

“I would recommend that everybody get their patriarchal blessing, no matter what age.”

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Watch the full video below.

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