Watch: This Oscar-Winning Animated Short Film with a BYU Connection Is Warming Hearts


Audiences first saw Hair Love when at the theaters to see The Angry Birds Movie 2. It continued to grow in popularity once it was posted on YouTube and has since garnered nearly 19 million views. And now, the animated short film has won an Oscar.

Hair Love tells the story of a dad's challenge trying to do his young daughter’s hair the way she wants it to look before they go visit their sick mother and wife. 

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Hair Love | Oscar®-Winning Short Film (Full) | Sony Pictures Animation

BYU grad Bryce Randle worked as an editor on the animated short, but that’s not the only connection he feels with the Sony Pictures Animation film. As a father, he too struggles to do his daughters’ hair.

“I love that the dad [in Hair Love] is trying to be the best dad that he can with the mom gone. I think the reason that it’s so appealing is because it’s very authentic—a lot of dads can go, ‘Oh yeah, that’s something I relate to’ no matter what your ethnicity is,” Randle told the Deseret News.

Randle, who currently works as an animation editor for Disney Television Animation, knew the project would be something special.

“There’s not a lot of projects that you get to work on that you feel emotionally proud of. . . . What [Hair Love] comes down to is that family is the most important thing,” Randle told Deseret News. “And that’s . . . something that resonated with me as a BYU grad.” 


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