Watch: Two Missionaries Serving in Italy Make the Best of Their Quarantine with “Tangled” Music Video


Last week, the Coronavirus started to greatly impact the day-to-day lives of people all around the world. As we all acclimate to this time of social distancing and staying at home to prevent illness, some of us might begin to develop a serious case of cabin fever. I mean, how much more Netflix can we all watch?

Imagine how missionaries who can’t even watch Netflix must feel. In an effort to keep self-quarantine boredom at bay, two missionaries serving in Italy found a way to keep themselves occupied.

In a recent Facebook post, Chadlin Walters explained that her brother Karson was serving in Italy when the coronavirus broke out. The Hastings family was concerned for Karson and had no idea if he had the virus—that is until he emailed them a reassuring video.

Karson and his companion are currently in quarantine in their tiny Italian apartment and apparently trying to make the best of it as they created a music video to the song “When Will My Life Begin?” from the Disney movie “Tangled.”

In the homemade video, the two elders act out the song lyrics, showing a comical montage of them doing various chores. The pair even creates a mural out of sticky notes that reads “Coronavirus Help” and “So Bored.”

Want inspiration for your own quarantine music video? Watch the full video here.

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