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Watch: Update from President Nelson Encourages Caution as the Church Looks Forward Amid COVID-19


In a video released Wednesday, May 6, President Russell M. Nelson gave a message of comfort and caution to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints regarding the days ahead as COVID-19 restrictions are slowly being lifted.

Previously on Saturday, March 14, President Nelson shared a message of hope as the coronavirus spread. The following day, the video was trending no. 1 on YouTube and had received millions of views across several social media platforms. The prophet’s message inspired members and nonmembers alike, as his words offered peace and reassurance at a difficult time.

► Watch: President Nelson's Message of Hope During COVID-19 Outbreak

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Watch President Nelson's most recent message or read a transcript of his words below.

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President Russell M. Nelson Encourages Caution as the Church Looks Forward Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

“My dear friends and associates, during these months of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the world has grappled with unprecedented challenges, I have marveled at the countless examples of faith, courage, and Christlike love that I have seen.

Thank you for serving and loving one another as the Savior would have us do. We are grateful for the helpful direction that government, health, and civic leaders have provided to keep us safe. And we will continue to be prayerful and proceed with an abundance of caution. Your safety and well-being will always be our utmost concern.

As we cautiously move forward to a more normal way of life, Church leaders will continue to monitor information and determine how soon we may again gather in our meetinghouses and temples in various locations. We know that ordinances of the holy temple need to be performed. They are of eternal significance. We will clearly communicate step by step when and where such gatherings and other Church-sponsored activities may be resumed. Readjustments in missionary service are currently underway.

Meanwhile, we rejoice in the peace that radiates from the Lord Jesus Christ. It will continue to fill us with hope and joy. Our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son love us, are aware of us, and will bless each of us.

I love you, dear brothers and sisters, and assure you that wonderful days are ahead. Our commitment to follow the Lord is everlasting!”

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