Watch: What a Latter-day Saint nurse learned about being His hands while in New York during COVID-19


When a call went out for nurses to head to New York during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sheri immediately felt drawn to answer the call—partially because of a nurse who changed her mother’s life years ago.

A new video from the Church shares Sheri’s story and what she’s learned about treating others as the Savior would.

Growing up, Sheri learned firsthand what it was like to be someone’s arms and hands. Her mother had polio as a child and was left with limited use of her limbs. Because of that, Sheri and her siblings would help their mother do the cooking and the cleaning around the house.

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Sherri Sought to Ease Suffering | His Hands

In early 2020, a call went out for nurses to help with treating COVID-19 patients in New York.

“The moment I heard that, I wanted to go,” she says in the video. “I was drawn to it. A couple people asked, ‘Why are you doing this? You don’t have to,’ and I just could not stop thinking about my mom.”

Sheri describes that one nurse in particular changed everything for her mom and made her life so much better. Because of the nurse’s actions, Sheri says she was given a pretty amazing mother and a pretty amazing life.” After her mother passed away, Sheri was inspired to go into the nursing profession.

Sheri describes her time in New York City as crazy, hectic, and difficult, but also so rewarding. She thought often of the Savior and sought to minister to the people in the way He would.

“When He would heal, when He would minister, He did it one at a time,” she says. “It was personal. It was intimate. It was a very individual experience. And I love that about what I do. I love that as a nurse I can have that opportunity over and over and over again.”

Sheri concludes the video by saying she’s not perfect, but she’s found there are “those perfect moments when I’m trying to be more like Him and to use my hands in the way that He did.”

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