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Watch: What Sister Cordon learned about light after causing an Apostle to literally stumble in the dark

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When a visiting Apostle volunteered to help 10-year-old Bonnie Cordon feed her family’s chickens, her nighttime chore suddenly seemed a lot less irksome.

In a new inspirational Church video, President Cordon of the Young Women General Presidency recalls how, as a young girl she excitedly grabbed a flashlight and led Elder L. Tom Perry to the barn. But when she forgot to light the Apostle’s path, he accidentally dunked his dress shoes in a deep puddle, which led him to teach young Bonnie a gentle but valuable lesson.

Sister Cordon also shared this story in her 2020 conference address, and you can watch her recount it in the video below.

Let Your Light Shine

Bonnie's family has a special guest over for dinner—an Apostle of the Lord! When Bonnie is asked to go feed the chickens, she doesn't want to, but Elder Perry volunteers to go with her. On the trip to do a normal, everyday chore under extraordinary circumstances, Bonnie learns a valuable lesson about light, hope, and the power of example. In this beautifully illustrated children's book, Sister Bonnie Cordon shares a personal experience and her testimony of the difference a focused, Christlike example can make.

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