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This Easter season as we celebrate the resurrection of a living Christ, we also have the opportunity to contemplate His death. As the Savior suffered in agonizing pain on the cross, the Gospels record that He made seven final statements. In its latest video, the YouTube channel Messages of Christ explores the significance of the last words of Jesus as He was crucified in Calvary.

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The Seven Last Words of Jesus on the Cross

The 7 Last Words of Jesus on the Cross” is written by Brigham Young University religion professor John Hilton III and offers unique insights into the Savior’s character. “Christ is a healing human, and divine Savior—we see all of these portraits in His final words from the cross,” says Hilton. The video explains that Jesus shows us during the final moments of His mortal ministry how to forgive, comfort, honor, and love those around us. He also teaches us powerful lessons about suffering and agency.

The video is adapted from his new book, Considering the Cross: How Calvary Connects Us with Christ, Hilton shows how we can feel connected to our Savior as we study His words from when He was suffering most. “This video makes the Savior’s final words come alive and help us see how understanding His last statements can connect us with Him.”

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Hilton takes a closer look at Christ’s interactions with Roman soldiers and convicted criminals. “Like this thief who hung beside Christ,” the video explains, “we too can be freed from our own bondage and sins because of a healing and merciful Savior.” It also explores his loving relationship with his mother and his desire to honor her to the very end. 

Watch the video from Messages of Christ for more fascinating insights about the significance of the Savior’s final seven statements on the cross.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published on in March 2021.

Considering the Cross

Between Gethsemane and the empty Garden Tomb stands the Savior's sacrifice on the cross. In this in-depth study of Christ's gift from Golgotha, author John Hilton III provides insight to help us in our quest to "attain a perfect knowledge of [Christ]" and come closer to Him (Jacob 4:12). This book explores questions like "How can studying Christ's Crucifixion increase our appreciation for his Atonement?," "Why do some Church members avoid the cross—because of Church doctrine or cultural practice?," and "How can the Savior's atoning sacrifice help us find relief from pain and suffering?" By providing answers to these and many other questions, Hilton guides readers to see Calvary in new and powerful ways.

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