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Watch: When President Nelson Saved a Woman and Her Unborn Babies During a One-Handed Surgery


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It started out as a cough. 

Trudy Olmstead, a then-30-year-old, was expecting her fourth baby in what appeared to be a normal pregnancy. 

But after the cough persisted for three months, Trudy's doctor became concerned. Eventually, Trudy's doctor confirmed their worst fears: Trudy had a lung tumor.

"Things were happening so fast," Trudy's husband, Rick Olmstead, says in the BYUtv video "Deep Blue—Heather Olmstead." "It was like different opinions were happening daily from different doctors. It was a barrage. Each time I'd go up there, there would be a different diagnosis and a different opinion."

Throughout this time of turmoil, one thing was clear: Trudy was dying. If the fast-growing tumor was not removed, doctors predicted Trudy, along with her baby, would die within three months. Because of this, doctors advised Trudy to abort her baby and begin treatments to save her life. 

However, an ultrasound revealed that the situation was even more complicated. Instead of carrying just one baby, Trudy was carrying twins. At that very moment, Trudy made her decision. 

"I'm going to deliver the babies," she says in the video. "If I die, I die." 

What Trudy didn't know was that Russell M. Nelson, a heart surgeon, would take her case and perform an operation that was nothing short of miraculous. 

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