Watch: Young women testify, 'God gives thanks for you' in new music video

In a new music video published last week, two young Latter-day Saint sisters share their testimony through song.

The song is called “God Gives Thanks for You” and was written by Sara Arkell (The Piano Gal) and Daniel Blomberg, with lyrics by Ben Arkell. The song is performed by Sara Arkell and her younger sister Kamri among beautiful towering mountains and tall aspen trees.

The message of the song speaks of our divine worth and heritage, and the omnipresent love of our Father in Heaven. One of the verses of the song states:

“You struggle at times, how can it be true
He rules over earth and sky but makes room for you.
A child of God, with purpose and plan
When trouble surrounds you He offers His hand.”

Watch the full video below:

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