We asked, you answered: Here are some of your favorite conference traditions

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Charity and Mollie McClure of the Oakley 1st Ward, Oakley Idaho Stake, watching general conference. Ben McClure wrote, “Charity and Mollie put up pictures of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and attached picture summaries of their talks next to their pictures.”
Ben McClure | Church News

General conference is one of our favorite weekends of the year. And traditions can make the experience even more memorable—and help young children (or anyone!) have fun participating. We asked you on Instagram for your most-beloved conference weekend traditions and your answers did not disappoint. If you’re looking for a new activity to get your family more engaged in or excited for general conference, here are some of our favorite answers.

“We have cinnamon rolls in the morning and say a family prayer asking to feel the Spirit.”

“We make monkey bread and all gather and feast spiritually and physically.”

“Our family tunes in through the BYUradio app and listens to a session or two outdoors in nature!”

“I am new to the Church, so this will be my first one. I'm spending it with those I love.”

“We make 15 bags with pictures of the Apostles on the outside. Each bag holds a quiet activity, snack, or gift.”

“My dad served in Brazil, so we always make Brazilian food—pastels and beans and rice!”

“We drive up into the mountains in between sessions to see the colorful leaves.”

“Instead of watching in our pajamas, we dress up and gather with all our family to watch.”

“I make an effort to go to the chapel to watch at least one session instead of watching at home so I don’t fall asleep.”

“Our family eats an M&M whenever we hear someone say ‘Jesus’.”

“We have very little kids, so we build a special conference-watching blanket fort!”

“I have started inviting my ministering families over to watch a session.”

“Before the first session starts, I think of three questions I want answered and write the answers in my journal as I watch.”

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