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We asked, you answered: Where is an unexpected place you have found Jesus?


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In their new book The Unexpected Deliverer, Emily Belle Freeman and David Butler write, “You might think your story is unfixable, unredeemable, beyond expectation. That just means He might not come as you expect Him to. But He will come.”

We recently asked our followers to tell us an unexpected place that they have found Christ. We loved reading through your answers—they are a powerful reminder that the Savior can be with us in all things.

Here are ten touching moments people shared with us on the LDS Living Book Club’s Instagram.

Responses have been edited for clarity and brevity. 

“I have found Christ in anxiety. Anxiety is something that has plagued me all my life and I just realized that because of it, I turn to God more frequently than I would without it.”

“I found Christ in a young man who works at a nursing home and who goes out of his way to spread cheer and make the residents feel special.”

“I have been trying to recognize the moments when He may be answering my prayers and I don’t even realize it. For example, at church on Sunday (so blessed to be back at church) my 2-year-old son was so loud and having a tantrum. Returning to church has been hard for him when he hasn’t had to go for so long. I took him out and then thought to myself, Why did I even come today? Then I experienced the most spirit-filled Relief Society lesson and remembered the spirit-filled conversation and testimony I shared with my boys in the car on the way to church. Those unexpected (and sometimes unrecognized) moments have become so precious to me.”

“In the moments of kindness, forgiveness, joy, learning, and love my little girls share with me.”

“I don't think there's a place He hasn't shown up for me! My shower, the car, in the mountains, in a classroom, on a plane, in my kitchen. I find it incredible that He will come to wherever I'm at and meet me where I am needing Him. Even when walking into a mall and seeing random people coming and going and hearing in my mind, ‘They’re my children and I love them, too.’”

“In the children’s hospital dialysis center and hospital parking garage.”

“I was playing racquetball with my husband last February (before COVID-19 shut everything down) and I had just missed a ball. I had not reached out far enough to hit it and was just barely short. Just as I started to feel frustrated with myself the thought came my mind "He reaches your reaching." It struck me so quickly and immediately that my frustration vanished, and I was so full of joy that I started laughing. I felt so happy despite what had just happened. After we got home, I looked up that phrase and found it is from the hymn "Where Can I Turn for Peace." That phrase means so much to me now and I am so grateful to have a Savior who sees me and is there even for something as silly as getting frustrated during a fun game with my husband.”

“At school! He shows up for me to help me gain a formal education.”

“In the chaos of raising a big, young family, I always thought I had to find a quiet time or place to find Him. But it is usually in the chaos of raising 7 kids who are 10 years old and under that I find Him. In the creativity of kids’ crafts, their smiles, or the pure innocence of their comments.”

“I was participating in a college production of My Fair Lady when I met a couple of young men who had the Light of Christ emanating from their countenances. I was not a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at the time, and we would sit and discuss the gospel in our downtimes during rehearsals. Those moments changed my life forever.”

The Unexpected Deliverer

Witnessing the change in perspective of many New Testament figures like Mary, Martha, Peter, and others teach us to hope for an unexpected Christ. One who shows up, turning defeat into victory, and despair into deliverance.

If Christ did it for them, He will do it for you. The story of Easter teaches us the truth of Jesus in every unexpected season. Through Him, you can expect hope in unlikely places.

The Unexpected Deliverer is available now at Deseret Book stores and deseretbook.com.

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