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"We're Not Talking About It Enough": Primary General President on How to Protect Families Against Pornography


“My remarks today will target the need for parents, families, teachers, leaders — all of us — to really see, value and protect our children and youth,” said Sister Joy D. Jones. “Love, I believe, is also our greatest weapon in fighting against pornography."

Pornography is a problem affecting “our boys and our girls and we’re not talking about it enough,” said Sister Joy D. Jones, Primary general president during the Utah Coalition Against Pornography conference held in Salt Lake City on March 10.

“I am concerned that many parents may not yet realize how dangerous pornography really is or may think it’s only a problem for the boy next door,” she said. The reality is, Sister Jones said, the problem is affecting everyone.

In addition to her role as a Church leader to more than a million children around the world, Sister Jones feels a personal responsibility to bring to light the darkness of pornography and to provide strength to those struggling with its impact.

“I am here today as a concerned woman, mother and grandmother,” she said. “We know that we can’t close our eyes to the problems of pornography.”

Recognizing that she has dear friends who have “fallen prey to this plague,” Sister Jones has seen, like so many in the Church today, the devastating effects on individuals, couples and families.

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