We’re not the only ones sharing faith online: #NunTok videos are going viral

Nuns on San Marco square feed large flock of pigeons
Nuns in Venice, Italy, feed large flock of pigeons in 2007.
Meinzahn/Getty Images

Scrolling on TikTok, you might be surprised to come across #NunTok. With more than 27 million views, #NunTok has gone viral.

“I keep telling the other sisters, ‘Get on TikTok!’ If we’re hidden, we’re going to die out,” Sister Monica Clare told The New York Times. Sister Monica Clare is an Episcopal nun who runs the account @nunsenseforthepeople, which has well over 160,000 followers and 1.4 million likes. Before joining the convent, she performed in an acoustic rock duo and now she’s a viral TikToker.

She posts all kinds of videos: from detailing her convent life to dropping her skin care routine, Sister Monica Clare shows the complexity and reality of life in a convent. “We’re not just pious, uptight people. There’s joy and laughter, the full range of human experience,” she told The New York Times.

While religious life still remains dominated by men and women over the age of 60, TikTok is seen as a new frontier to increase visibility and to reach potential converts.

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