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What does the word ‘love’ really mean? Pres. Nelson’s beautiful answer

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Sister Wendy W. Nelson and President Russell M. Nelson
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On Valentine’s Day, President Russell M. Nelson shared some inspiring thoughts about love.

“On Valentine’s Day, people the world over celebrate love. But what does the word ‘love’ really mean? Is it about flowers, chocolate, and gifts?” he writes. “Certainly, at times, it can be. But the second great commandment teaches of a different kind of love—that of actively loving our neighbor.”

He went on to write about how giving help to others is what brings joy. “Especially, I might add, when it is not convenient and when it takes us out of our comfort zone,” he adds.

At the end of his post, he issued an invitation: “Today, may we use this holiday dedicated to love as a reminder to recommit to loving our neighbor—whether they live in the house next door or across the globe.”

See the full post below.

Also on the theme of Valentine’s Day, the Church News shared a video titled “Eternal Love.” It is a tribute to senior Church leaders and their sweethearts. Watch below.

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