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What Happened After a Chinese Student Who Was Warned to Stay Away from Mormons Stumbled Across a Talk by Elder Holland


The following comes from a recent Ensign article which tells the story of three modern-day pioneers who converted to the LDS faith. About their journeys, these converts shared:

"The gospel has brought me so much joy . . . It is worth every sacrifice I have had to make or will make." —Harry Guan

"My decision to be baptized, to be sealed in the temple, and to remain faithful to my covenants has created a chain reaction that will positively impact the lives of my three beautiful children, as well as future generations, forever. Being a pioneer is about paving the way for others." —Brooke Kinikini

I grew up in China and considered myself a Christian, despite the fact that I never actually went to church. I was interested in God and Jesus Christ, and I thought Christian doctrine was very comforting.

When I moved to the United States for college, I started attending a nondenominational Christian church. After a few months, I heard about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from some friends who were considering attending Brigham Young University. I asked a few students at the Christian church about the Latter-day Saints and was surprised when they fervently warned me to stay away from the “Mormons.” I listened to their advice at first, but as I was scrolling through social media about a week later, I came across an address by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

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