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What will seminary look like in 2021? Here are a couple of changes you can expect


Beginning January 1, 2021, seminary students can expect some changes to their course of study. Changes include the following:

  • • Studying Come, Follow Me for the entire year with the rest of the Church rather than following a nine-month study course
  • • A reading requirement of 75 percent of the semester calendar days in the current year’s book of scripture to receive course completion

“This change emphasizes the importance for students to develop a habit of daily scripture study to help deepen their understanding and reliance on Jesus Christ, His teachings, and His Atonement,” a notice from Seminaries and Institutes of Religion reads. “Teachers should continue to encourage students to set personal reading goals and to read the text for the course, but this will no longer be a requirement for course credit.”

The notice explains that teachers will continue to use the Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Seminary Teacher Manual for course materials, but that students will not “receive every lesson from the teacher manual in class, especially those lessons that fall on the Come, Follow Me calendar when school is not in session.”

An article in Church News said parents can help their seminary-aged children in setting study goals and encouraging them to be accountable for their daily reading. They can also provide support by creating opportunities within the family to testify about what they are learning and opportunities to share their feelings about Jesus Christ and the gospel.

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