Latter-day Saint Life

What Would Your 'Church Sign' Say?

I thought of the many church signs I’ve passed through my years on five-lane highways and rural roads barely big enough for the squirrels and me. Are all those signs really telling the truth?

Perhaps your church, like mine, doesn’t have a sign 15-feet from the road. But if it did, what would it say?

“Join us! We’ll save you a seat.”

“Come in. We’ll love you!”

“Welcome! Our family isn’t complete without you.”

Maybe. But, would it be true?

Have you ever been a member of a congregation where other signs might be more accurate and painfully honest?

“Join us! But don’t sit in my pew.”

“Come in! We’ll judge you!”

“All are welcome! Unless you’re in blue jeans, then we might stare.”

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