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What Your Missionary Can Anticipate From a Virtual MTC Experience


With the doors to the Church’s 10 worldwide missionary training centers currently closed, missionaries around the world are preparing to enter the mission field virtually. But what does this look like?

The Missionary Department managing director, David N. Weidman, says that “there’s really no difference in the type of things that are going on online than had happened face-to-face with missionaries, except they’re not face-to-face.” Still, there are a few things of note in early reports of virtual missionary training, as highlighted by the Church News:

  • Missionaries participate in six hours of district classes over Zoom each day in addition to personal study, Facetime study with their companion, and language study.
  • MTC instructors have reported the process of switching to an online format “incredibly smooth” and say missionaries seem to “feel even more comfortable expressing themselves over the medium of technology.”
  • One teacher said that an elder participating in his first day of class “wanted his room to be a place where he could feel the Spirit. So before the second day, he deep-cleaned his room.”

Read more about the virtual MTC experience on the Church News.

Lead image by Laura Seitz, Deseret News
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