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When Donny Osmond Shared His Testimony of Eternal Families on "Oprah" + Hilarious Video of 112 Osmonds on One Plane


"What happens when you put 112 Osmonds on the same plane? Ten years ago, we found out. LOL!" Donny Osmond posted on Facebook, along with a hilarious video of the bunch. 

The video, taken 10 years ago, was of the flight home after the Osmonds appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, just four days after Donny's father passed away. 

"Appearing on the show was a special opportunity to express our love for him," Osmond posted about his father. "We all miss him dearly and are grateful for the example he was to each of us."

While on the show, Osmond also shared a key part of his beliefs—eternal families. 

"We believe that we are an eternal family," Donny told Oprah. "We know that we will be with our parents again. We don't just believe it, we know it."

"And how do you know?" Marie added. "There's a warmth to your heart. When the Spirit speaks, you know."

Lead image screenshot from YouTube
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