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When will ‘The Chosen’ season 4 be available?

In a livestream shared on July 30, “The Chosen” director and creator Dallas Jenkins offered a sneak peek into season 4 of “The Chosen” and spoke about the SAG-AFTRA exemption the show received.

Jenkins also announced season 4 will release in theaters. Actor Jonathan Roumie joined Jenkins for a Q&A where they talked about the future of “The Chosen.”

“The Chosen” is a historical drama depicting the life, ministry, death and Resurrection of Jesus (played by Roumie). …

On the livestream, Jenkins showed a rough cut of a clip from a scene from season 4 of “The Chosen.” Jenkins said he has finished editing the first three episodes of the season. …

“The Chosen” season 4 is expected to release in either January or February. Jenkins said, “Season 4 is actually coming in theaters” and “The Chosen” is looking to release all future seasons in theaters.

You can read more about the new season and Jenkins’s livestream on Deseret News.

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