Where in the world has The Tabernacle Choir performed?

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The Tabernacle Choir sings during its 1991 European Tour.
The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square blog

On August 22, 1847, The Tabernacle Choir performed for the first time under a sagebrush-roofed bowery in the Salt Lake Valley. Now, 175 years later, the Choir has come a long way from those humble beginnings and has sung in cities and countries around the world.

But this anniversary isn’t just about what the Choir has accomplished—from Europe to Asia to the Pacific, the Choir has helped bring the Spirit and share the gospel with countless listeners through music. So in honor of its first performance, here’s a brief timeline of other “firsts” of where the Choir has performed live throughout the years. See how many of them you know—and if any of them surprise you.

Note: This list does not include broadcasts, recordings, or awards the Choir has received. Do you know of other significant locations where the Choir has performed not found on this list? Let us know at

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