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Why Being Broken Is a Gift


What raw but powerful insights into why we suffer and how that shows us God loves us.

Sometimes I just feel broken.

I look at my life and see all the ways I fall short—all those things I said I’d do that I didn’t, all the expectations I had for myself that I never fulfilled. I see my weaknesses and frustratingly human frailty and the way it’s affected people negatively in my life. I see my brokenheartedness over losing my mother to cancer and wonder sometimes if I’ll ever feel whole again.

There are many ways to feel broken—physically, because of illness or injury; emotionally, because of unfulfilled desires or loss of a relationship; mentally, because of anxiety, depression, or other mental illness; or spiritually, because of crippling doubts or crises of faith. In the midst of all these, it can be easy to agonize over whether or not we can ever be acceptable to God or be of use in His kingdom because we’re so human and broken. I know I feel that way sometimes.

However, God is good, and He has taught me a valuable lesson about being broken through my life’s experiences:

Brokenness is a gift.

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