Latter-day Saint Life

Why Going to Church Is Like Going to the Gym


A few weeks ago, I returned to the gym after what we’ll call a “personal hiatus.” It was just long enough to be awkward when I walked back in the heavy glass doors, but not long enough for the folks at the front desk to forget me.

As I moved through the lobby and past a bulletin board, I think I spotted my mug on a "missing" poster.

A few minutes later, I settled into my pre-prodigal son routine. Familiar faces smiled when they saw me, and a gentleman old enough to be my great-great-great-grandfather lapped me on the indoor track with a Sony Walkman strapped to his hip.

When I dragged my body back through the lobby an hour later, my muscles politely asked if they could suspend my membership.

By the next morning, they were clamoring for a complete cancellation.

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