Latter-day Saint Life

Why I Enjoy Being a Mormon

Me? I am comfortable in my church and in my skin. This is not to say that I am not painfully aware of those who are not. A large part of my life has been spent helping others understand the gospel. I have spent years helping people as they enter, and as some leave, the church. As an LDS social media presence, I am acutely aware of the angst of the age regarding the church – I interact with it every day of my life. Some sincere, some hostile, some heart-breaking.

I am aware of the current doctrinal and social hot-buttons that cause angst in members and non-members alike. I frequently get emails from people telling me, “If you knew this, you could never support your church again.” Joke’s on them, as  there’s nothing “new” there. Some would accuse me of being blissfully ignorant. Hardly. I prefer to aim for “blissfully well-informed.”

Still, I am comfortable.

Ironically, my lack of angst regarding the church is precisely why I am in this church.

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